Press Release | 24. August 2022

Forward-looking software solution from KUGU supports real estate company SAVVY in its climate strategy

Multi-metering and thus also cross-sectoral energy data management has long been a reality at KUGU. With its energy data platform, the technology expert enables potential savings in energy and CO2.  The SAVVY Group also uses KUGU’s digital software solution for its climate strategy.

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Press Release | 22. March 2022

SAVVY acquires hotel in Munich-Milbertshofen for conversion into 90 rental flats

The SAVYY Group is further expanding its residential development pipeline in Munich. The project developer and portfolio holder is acquiring a vacant hotel property on Frankfurter Ring and plans to convert and create 90 rental flats.

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Immobilien Zeitung | 28. October 2021

The future of living is compact, sociable and green

Will we live in single honeycombs in the future, will the single-family house remain a dream home and how much community and green space do people actually need? A housing psychologist and urban planner and Savvy managing director Michael Dinkel have concepts for the living of the future.

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Whitepaper | 15. October 2021

More sustainability through compact housing

Energy efficiency and sustainability are continuously gaining in importance. Nowadays, residents and municipalities have extensive requirements regarding climate compatibility and integration into existing neighbourhoods. In this white paper, Dr. Michael Dinkel, Managing Director of the SAVVY Group, discusses the contribution compact flats can make to sustainable urban living.

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Press release | 14. September 2021

The SAVYY Group expands its project pipeline in Cologne

The SAVVY Group has taken over the Ehrenfeldgürtel 125 site, which is currently still used by Deutsche Post, right next to the Cologne-Ehrenfeld regional and S-Bahn station. Within the framework of the current development plan procedure, a large food market with gastronomy, commercial and privately financed and subsidised housing is planned on approx. 15,000 sqm GFA. Construction is scheduled to start in 2023.

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LinkedIn | 9. March 2021

Federal support for efficient buildings: new incentives for sustainable housing

Energy-efficient refurbishment, resource-saving construction and the use of renewable energies – all of these are becoming increasingly relevant. And rightly so, because housing accounts for a quarter of Germany’s total energy consumption. It is therefore all the more important that the industry internalizes climate protection and the responsibility that goes with it.

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AIZ Ausgabe 1-2 2021 | 4. March 2021

From hotel to residential – Challenges and opportunities in conversions

A wealth of opportunities with risks and side effects – this is how one could describe the situation that many investors and real estate developers are currently experiencing. In the search for a location, for example, opportunities arise that have become increasingly rare in recent years. One reason: The economic
situation of the operators and owners of accommodation establishments.

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Handelsblatt online | 7. January 2021

The house in the green: Thanks to home office, many would relocate

According to a Bitkom survey, one in five employees could imagine changing their place of residence if they could work mostly in a home office in the future. SAVVY Managing Director Dr. Michael Dinkel explains why the city center remains attractive as a place to live.

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Immobilien & Finanzierung, Ausgabe 12/2020 | 9. December 2020

What happens after the pandemic?

What happens after the pandemic? Especially in the residential segment one should not have too high expectations of a revolution, says Michael Dinkel, Managing Director of the SAVVY Group.

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IMMOBILIEN ZEITUN, Edition 44/2020 | 29. October 2020

No Corona urban exodus

Corona will certainly go down in history – but not as a moment of fundamental upheaval. The virus can do nothing to counter the long-term megatrend of urbanization, says Michael Dinkel, Managing Director of Savvy Group.

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PRESS RELEASE | 1. September 2020

Kondor Wessels develops mixed residential and commercial property in Berlin-Friedrichshain for the SAVVY Group

Kondor Wessels Bouw Berlin GmbH has started construction on the SAVVY Group property in Kreutziger Straße close to Berlin‘s Samariterstraße metro station. The mixed residential and commercial building encompasses 135 residential units that meet the latest energy efficiency standard KfW 55. Construction is expected to finish by the beginning of 2022.

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LinkedIn | 11. August 2020

A construction permit application should fit on a beer coaster

There is immense potential for standardization and simplification when it comes to construction permits in Germany. According to polls, the public office rated most poorly by individuals who come into contact with it, is the building services department. Of course, this is not because of the staff working at the departments. Rather, it takes more staff, more efficient processes and more use of digital tools, explains Dr. Dinkel in his LinkedIn Article.

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Pressemitteilung | 6. August 2020

SAVVY develops approx. 40,000 m² in Top 7 for own portfolio

The SAVYY Group is developing its own portfolio of at least 3,000 apartments in the German top 7 cities. Since its foundation in 2018, seven properties in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Düsseldorf have already been acquired, developed and some are already under construction. The current project volume of around 250 million euros will grow to at least one billion euros in the next few years.

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AIZ Ausgabe 12/2019 | 9. January 2020

Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better

40 square meters. This is the average living space available to a Berlin resident. This is a pleasant side-effect of increased prosperity – in the 1960s, per capita living space in Germany was only half as large.

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polis | 9. January 2020

Living spaces will shrink again

Germans like to live in style – or at least in big flats. It’s difficult to separate the two: the average German has more living space – 51 square metres per capita – than their European neighbours in Poland, France or Austria. However, this space is shrinking, mostly in the cities.

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