Pressemitteilung | 6. August 2020

SAVVY develops approx. 40,000 m² in Top 7 for own portfolio

The SAVYY Group is developing its own portfolio of at least 3,000 apartments in the German top 7 cities. Since its foundation in 2018, seven properties in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Düsseldorf have already been acquired, developed and some are already under construction. The current project volume of around 250 million euros will grow to at least one billion euros in the next few years.


AIZ Ausgabe 12/2019 | 9. January 2020

Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better

40 square meters. This is the average living space available to a Berlin resident. This is a pleasant side-effect of increased prosperity – in the 1960s, per capita living space in Germany was only half as large.


polis | 9. January 2020

Living spaces will shrink again

Germans like to live in style – or at least in big flats. It’s difficult to separate the two: the average German has more living space – 51 square metres per capita – than their European neighbours in Poland, France or Austria. However, this space is shrinking, mostly in the cities.